The decision if you want to go to therapy alone or in a group or with your partner its up to you.

  • Individual therapy
    It's great if you want to focus on your problems, make some changes in your personal or professional life, or figure out what you reveal your health problems . In a "safe environment" you are working through all layers and releasing blocks so you can life your life fully and be happy and full of energy.

  • Couples therapy
    Is your relationship going nowhere is it stagnating? You don’t know if to stay in your relationship or if to move on? Are your conversations and communications more destructive than constructive? In couples therapy both partners are given time and space to express where they are and how they feel. The destructive energy is rapidly and extensively converted to energy constructive and positive. Results and positive changes are sometimes unbelievable.

  • Retreat - group therapy
    Working in a group has the advantage of using “the group energy”- energy of all people in a group. Retreats are very powerful and the group energy can support participants to go deeper then they would be able to go in individual therapy session. Depending on number of people in a group –everybody is entitled to their own process, or/ and actively participate in the processes of others. Retreat can start as a “family constelation” but besides standing in different roles of those who are playing part in our problem we also work with our bodies and individual layers of defences so we can connect with our core essence, who we are. 1 process takes about 1 hour. It is recommended to have a multi-day retreat , so that each person has his or her own process. During it’s also possible to establish connections with the other group members and accelerate the healing process.

  • Phone / Skype sessions
    Is here for you if you can not attend in person because of time or other reasons (place of residence).

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