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  • How long is a session?
    First session for individual and business-psychotherapy is 80 min. Following sessions are 50/80 minutes according to the client's needs.

  • What are " business hours " ?
    By appointment.

  • Can I get refund from my health insurance?
    It depends on your health insurance, some insurance companies reimburse psychotherapy. I can give you a ainvoice with diagnoses so you can claim it easily.

  • I dont know if therapy would be good or not for myself – how I can decide?
    There is nothing easier than to call to find out what your "problems" and goals and individual requirements are and take it from there.

  • Office
    I am working in Prague 6 Vokovice , near Bořislavka Kladenská street.

  • Do you offer therapy over Skype or over the phone?
    Yes, therapy for Skype or phone is here for you if you can not reach me in person, because of time or other reasons (place of residence).

  • When should see a therapist ?
    Every moment is advisable to visit a therapist , but mostly , you just "wait " until stress, fatigue , health or other problems reached the " imaginary bottom" and thenyou look for a help . Therapy is extremely effective tool to keep a person in order to live and enjoy life to the fullest. Regular therapy helps you deal with everyday problems and preventing yourself into geting to the point " I can not take it ay more " .

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