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- What is it?
- History
- Body – as a source of information
- Body and energy flow?
- How Body-psychotherapy works
- Core Energetics
- Process of therapy

What is it?

  Body - psychotherapy is very quick and effective method which is not working on the mental level - but it changes the way you will be reacting in different situations without thinking about it, you will be simply reacting “NEWLY”

  Body psychotherapy is a holistic healing process which can help you to address the body, mind and spirit and your body surrounding energy field.

  Body psychotherapy defines different blocks in your body, negative patterns or behavioral as a therapeutic tool. You may not be aware but your body can tell your story. At the beginning of your therapy and during your process your body is constantly scanned for information.

  Body –psychotherapy is using reading of your own body – to find out how energy is moving in your body, what your major blocks are and releases them so you can feel energized relaxed and happy.


  Body psychotherapy is based on work by Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich as well as the foundations of human development and modern psychology, bioenergetic therapy, path-work transmission and bodywork.

* Reichian Therapy - founder Wilhelm Reich MD: Character Analysis, life energy, muscle contraction

** Bioenergetics - founder Alexander Lowan: grounding, charging and discharging, muscles contraction

  Core energetics - founder John Pierrakos: builds on the foundations of Reichian therapy, bioenergetics and adds work with movement, vibration and mainly internal pulsation and awareness of myself and spiritual psychology-love implemented in personality

  Heart energetics is a continuation of core energetic founder Robert Kirby: adds mysticism, quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and systematic new constellation

Body – as a source of information

  Our body is endless source of information. It can be used as a book that tells our own story, that we do not always have to be aware oft. As a client you may not be aware of it but your body can tell your own story (how was your childhood, adolescence, family relationships...).

 We are looking for energy movement and shape of your body

Body reading – structure & “shape”

  Body reading is focused on your body “shape” ( Ex. do you have long slim neck or short solid one, high arches or flat feet?). There are five main character structures – but of course you will more than likely be a combination of a few or all of them. Each structure develops in different stage of your childhood – so it can tell your story – how it was being a child in your family (how much love, care and attention you got from each of your parents)

And what more
Through your body structure you can learn what is “your way” to react to different stresses in your life, what are your major “blocks”. It is a very precise method for us to get to know you, without long discussion. Your body structure can help us to identify the issues you struggle with, what is the most challenging for you and the ways how we can support you and which techniques would be the most beneficial for you.

Fell happy, energized, loved and fulfilled!

Body and energy flow?

  How the energy moves in your body In this body reading we are focusing on finding congestions or deficiency in your energy flow. According to your body reading we can develop our treatment plan and we can also recommend you Body Mind exercise to help you to move the energy through your body fluently and equally = you will feel energized, calm, relaxed alive and have free movement.

How Body-psychotherapy works

  Body Psychotherapy is using body reading to find out how energy moves in your body, what are main blocks and subsequently releases them so you feel relaxed, happy and full of energy. It is a holistic healing process which works with body, mind, spirit and energy.

  Body- psychotherapy can help if you have some old blocks in the body, if you have some negative behaviors or actions that you repeat over and over again and you dont want to stay in this repetative paterns. After the session you can feel free to respond tine new healthy way .

  Body Psychotherapy uses body as a therapeutic tool. During treatment, your body is a constant source of information - this is used for understanding of your actions and behaviours: " AHA factor."

Core Energetics

  Can help you to find out your negative defensive structures which may be holding you back from experiencing your life fully and allowing you to respond in a new healthy ways to your surroundings.

  Core energetics is based on a deep understanding of the way in which energy and the consciousness work together in the transformative process of healing. The vision of the work is to invite you to have a deeper experience of your essence. This is achieved gradually by bringing unconscious to consciousness, identifying your defense mechanism, challenging it by movement, voice and sound and discharging negative energy and defensive systems.

  Allowing the old negative to go away and… inviting new healing healthy energy to replace the original destructive defenses. This is done slowly as you are getting more balanced and more fulfilled.

Why so slow progress?
The defense mechanism is in place for its own reason – it is your protective mechanism, when you are ready to let go of the past negative systems, you can built stronger container to replace it with healthy supportive new energy and experience more fulfilling life, love, happiness and wellbeing.

Core energetics works with model illustrating the layers of your energy and defense system:

  • The core = Your essence
    State of being, your Life Force which seeks constantly to expand and grow. Has the capacity to unconditional love, destiny, peace, unity, ones, in the present moment.

  • The Higher self:
    When you are in contentment you see life and world with loving eyes. Spirituality, intelligence, will power, pleasure, faith, unity

  • The lower self (shadow side)
    It arises due to violation of the core. When you are hurt, rejected or violated you may feel anger, hate, rage, disappointment, sadness,... In our society you have learnt to hide these strong emotions, they become stagnant and produce the layer of defenses, which become the physical armoring. Anger, fear, terror, hate, destruction, rage, negativity, fight/flight, conflict.

  • Physical armoring
    The way of protecting yourself becomes a pattern of holding the physical energy. This creates blocks in your physical body. For example, fear can unconsciously elicit that you hold breath and raised your shoulders. If this happens often enough you may develop permanent holding patterns and the tension is clearly evident in your body.

  • The Social mask
    It is what you “put on” to protect yourself. It is what you are supposed to be like, act like and think like. But it is not you. It is what you pretend to be so that your family/society will accept you. Unreal, fake, blame, confusion, duality, manipulation of feelings, distortion.

Process of therapy

  Your body, as explained, is formed not only by genetics but also through your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and the way your energy flows through your body. Working with the physical body increases self-awareness of previously unconscious patterns.

  It is a faster and more effective than only “counselling” alone at the same time it’s a more challenging way. This therapy unblocks your defenses, helps you to move stuck energy in order to create healthy flow patterns and transforms the negative distorted emotions back to your Core Self.

  Releasing the lower self In order for wholeness to be regained, the lower self energy needs to be exposed and transformed into creative and positive energy by piercing the social mask. The therapy includes extended body work and energy work, to discover your repressed feelings and the physical blocks associated with these feelings.

  Attention to your qualities At all times through the process, attention to your positive qualities is emphasized and spiritual principles are taught and applied. It is healing and transforming way into your Core, your inner reality

  Therapy session With clients I work professionally with an individual approach, with empathy, understanding, support and concern. I want to understand who you are, what you want, what your dreams and visions are and I want to support your life's journey and achieving what you want!

  There is no simple answer to what happens during your personal therapy, because I always try to reveal your personal story, I want to discover the cause of your problem and release it. I use a variety of methods, exercises and tools so I can help you with releasing your issues and allow the free energy movement.

  I am using these methods:

  • Body reading
  • Body- mind exercise
  • Voice dialogue
  • Lower self release
  • Building healthy and strong self-confidence
  • Bach essences
  • Kinesiology
  • Family konstelation

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